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New Legislations for Anesthesia Providers in Dental Offices

The Medical Quality Assurance Committee (MQAC) is writing new legislation for outpatient anesthesia services. Dr. Todd Phillips will Chair our Committee for MQAC so that we can be represented at the meetings. Please email us if you are interested on being on the committee.

We need your input!


      Andrea Fonner, DDS




      Marlon Michel, MD

      Walter Trautman, MD




      Jennifer Tanguay, CRNA



      Donald Lee, DDS




      Kevin Gurney, CRNA      

      Ken Jaramillo, MD

      Russ Paravecchio, DMD

      Beau Perry, CRNA


Board of Directors

Washington State Society of Mobile Dental Anesthesia

The HCA has been meeting with all three commissions (Dental, Medical, Nursing) to discuss mandated provider evaluations for contractors. This is the impetus for the formation of our society. Your membership in this society allows you to be involved and informed about legislation. We all need to work together to be sure these mandates are appropriate for what we all do every day.

The Dental Quality Assurance Committee (DQAC) is going to mandate all general anesthesia permit holders to have an on-site provider evaluation. We have been involved with this process from the beginning. We have submitted a provider evaluation form for approval. Once it is approved, our society will be credentialed to provide evaluations.

society is formed
This is the first of its
kind merging the
interests of three
mobile anesthesia
provider groups
Email us at
WSSMDA Newsletter July final_Page_1_Imag
We need your help!

We need members to serve on the

committees for the

  • Medical Quality Assurance Commission 


  • Dental Quality Assurance Commission


  • Nursing Quality Assurance Commission


Please email us at

if you would to join.

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